10 Favorite Train Books + Tasty Train Craft

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As a mom of all boys, you can bet that trains are a big deal in our home! Today I’m sharing with you 10 Favorite Train Books, along with a tasty candy train craft your kids are sure to love.  (Keep reading for the Candy Train Craft Printable)

10 Favorite Train Books + Tasty Train Craft


Our Favorite Train Books

  • The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper – Who can forget the timeless tale of the little train who persevered? My twins first learned the word “persevere” as part of our My Father’s World curriculum in kindergarten and surprisingly this one word has stuck with them. I think The Little Engine That Could played a big part in that!
  • I Knew You Could!: A Book for All the Stops in Your Life (Little Engine That Could) by Craig Dorfman – This book continues the perseverance theme with an affirmation of accomplishments any age would enjoy.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Story Collection (Thomas & Friends) (The Railway Series) by Rev. W. Awdry – There aren’t many moms of boys who aren’t familiar with Thomas the Tank. This charming book brings together the best of our friend Thomas and his unforgettable adventures.
  • All Aboard!: Elijah McCoy’s Steam Engine (Great Idea Series) by Monica Kulling – This beautiful storybook tells the true story of Elijah McCoy, born the son of a slave in 1844. He went on to study mechanical engineering in Scotland and had 57 US patents, mostly related to the lubrication of steam engines.
  • Big Book of Trains by DK Publishing – My boys LOVE facts, so DK books are a huge hit in our house. DK Publishing’s Big Book of Trains includes beautiful pictures and facts in easy to browse snippets.
  • Train (DK Eyewitness Books) by John Coiley – DK Eyewitness Book are perfect for younger readers. As with it’s counterpart, Big Book of Trains, DK Eyewitness Books Train includes excellent photography and age appropriate facts.
  • The Best Book of Trains (Kingfisher) by Richard Balkwill – We find Kingfisher books to be very similar to DK Publishing and Usborne books. The Best Book of Trains is another book of train facts any train guru would enjoy.
  • Locomotive (Caldecott Medal Book) by Brian Floca – This charming storybook takes place in 1869 during America’s brand-new transcontinental railroad. You’ll find lots of onomatopoeia to enjoy in this story!
  • Ultimate Sticker Book: Train (Ultimate Sticker Books) by DK Publishing – This book is the best of both worlds – a book of train facts AND loads of beautiful stickers!
  • The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg – No list of favorite train books would be complete without the ultimate of all trains, The Polar Express. This is a favorite in our home … especially with a yummy cup of hot cocoa!

Tasty Train Craft

Now for a fun, easy and tasty train craft your kids are sure to enjoy:

Candy Train Craft


  • roll of Life Savers hard candy
  • small pack of stick gum (the kind that has 5 strips in it)
  • 4 wrapped hard candy disks of choice (i.e., peppermint, spearmint, butterscotch, cinnamon)
  • 1 wrapped caramel square
  • 1 Hershey’s Kiss
  • glue dots


  1. Using your glue dots, attach the Life Savers roll on top of the pack of gum.
  2. Stick the hard candy disks, 2 to a side, to create your train wheels.
  3. Stick the caramel to the top front of your train to create your engine.
  4. Affix the Hershey’s Kiss on top of the caramel. This is your smoke stack, with the flag of your Hershey’s Kiss representing the smoke.
  5. Enjoy your yummy treat! Or make several and gift to friends and loved ones.

For your convenience, here’s a printable version of these instructions: Candy Train Craft from World for Learning.

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    Waves at Kat ….. Hi,there! Great to see you at The Thoughtful Spot!!

    I’m thinking about doing a train study with the boys — and these books and crafts are the perfect starting point. One book we love is Chugga Chugga Choo Choo …. so much fun!

    I’m sharing on Pinterest!

    • Kat says

      Hi Dianna! Thank you for stopping by!! The boys would have a blast doing a train study. And who can resist a candy train? 😉


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