Island of the Blue Dolphins Learning Activities

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Island of the Blue Dolphins - Learning Activities

Island of the Blue Dolphin is a Newbery Award winning book from author Scott O’Dell.

The classic book tells the story of Karana and her efforts to survive on an island in the Pacific Ocean.  Karana must learn to find food, make clothes, and protect herself as she waits for a ship to find and rescue her.

Island of the Blue Dolphin gave our book club members many topics to research and explore.

Here are some of our favorite Island of the Blue Dolphins learning activities:

Create a Map

Using descriptions from the novel to draw the shape of the island and place all the landmarks, such as the cave, the cliffs, the village, Karana’s home, and so on. You can also trace the route the Aleuts would have taken from the north and the route that Karana would have taken back to the coast.

Students can draw the map and landmarks or make them using other materials.  One family in our group painted the map on poster board and used clay to form the caves and other features.

Create a Map

Animal Fun Facts

Learn all about marine mammal such as sea otters, dolphin, whales, and more with the help of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Here are a few fun facts to find:

  • What is a group of dolphin called?
  • How large is a typical dolphin?
  • How many hairs per square inch does a sea otter have on its body?
  • What does a sea otter use as a “table” when it is time to eat?
  • What does a sea otter eat?

You can also see a live webcam of the Kelp Forest at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Tasty Treats

When our book club meets we always include cute and tasty food items!

To celebrate Island of the Blue Dolphin we enjoyed Goldfish Marshmallow Pops.

Goldfish Marshmallow Pops.

Kat also created these fun cupcakes using a dolphin topper printable.

Blue Dolphin Cupcakes

We hope you enjoy exploring the Island of the Blue Dolphin with your family!

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