The Jungle Book – Fun Family Activities

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Jungle Book - Fun Family Activities (Disney Style)

Has your family read the stories of The Jungle Book  by Rudyard Kipling?

My children love animals, and any story that includes animals, so this book is high on our list of favorites.

There are so many fun activities your family can do to celebrate the famous characters in these stories.  Although the animals in Kipling’s book are strong and well developed, when my children think of Baloo, Bagheera, Kaa, and Shere Khan they always get a vision of the characters of the 1967 Disney movie of The Jungle Book  in their minds.

How can anyone forget Baloo dancing and singing and Kaa trying to hypnotize Mowgli?

When we had our Book Club discussion about The Jungle Book we shared some yummy snacks like Elephant Ears, Snakes on a Stick, Jungle Bananas and Bear Claws (recipes in our World Study Guide for The Jungle Book)  and then we scheduled a trip to ride The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  Yes, we realize the Jungle Cruise isn’t exactly based on The Jungle Book – but it’s always a lot of fun.

If you don’t live close to Walt Disney World you can bring that Disney magic right into your own home and have your own Jungle Book Party!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Throw a Jungle Book Party – Share the news of your big event with your friends using Mowgli party invitations.  Make a few snacks including very cute Baloo cupcakes.  Be sure to print and color Jungle party hats and make crazy Kaa cutouts to hang around the room.  Play a game of Monkey See Monkey Do (same rules as Simon Says) or Jungle Charades (someone acts like a jungle animal until someone guesses it — animal sounds are encouraged, just no words) and have a wild time!
  • Family Movie Night – Bring the jungle into your living room and watch the Disney animated movie The Jungle Book  together as a family.  Before the show starts create a Jungle Mix snack  for the occasion.  Your mix could include some of your favorite ingredients like banana chips, animal crackers, pretzel sticks, nuts, and toasted coconut.  Don’t forget to have a sing-along with the classic songs “The Bare Necessities” and “I Want to Be Like You.”
  • Coloring Pages – If your children would like to decorate with some images from the Disney movie, print your own coloring pages and have them create their own works of art.

The Jungle BookFor even more ideas about bringing this classic story to life with your family, be sure to check out our World Study Guide for The Jungle Book.

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    • Kat says

      I saw the movie (Disney version) long before we ever read the book. It was always one of my favorites as a kid, and my boys have always loved it. The book is definitely different, but a good read. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kat says

      Thank you! There is so much you can do to bring The Jungle Book to life … such a fun classic that Disney made even more fun 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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