The Secret Garden

Literature: Disney Inspired Classics (Lapbooks)

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett tells the story of Mary Lennox and her search for friendships and happiness. As a very young girl Mary is sent to England to live at Misselthwaite Mannor with her widowed uncle Archibald Craven after her parents die suddenly of cholera. The Manor is a large, mysterious place with locked doors, strange noises, interesting people and even a Secret Garden for Mary to explore.


World Study Guides are a unique hands-on learning tool designed to ignite interest and excitement as your family explores classic literature. Each guide includes information about the book and author, mini books to guide and document your lessons, and suggestions for bringing a little magic to your learning by incorporating some Disney-inspired activities. When your journey is complete you will also have a beautiful visual documentation of all you have experienced and learned.

Included in this Guide:

  • World Study Guide - The Secret GardenIntroduction to The Secret Garden
  • Bookmark for The Secret Garden
  • Author Study
  • Timeline
  • Book Study
  • Vocabulary
  • Secret Garden Recipes
  • The Great Taste Test
  • The Novel vs. The Movie
  • Activity: Terrarium – Make Your Very Own “Secret Garden”
  • Memory Book
  • Writing Assignment: The Story Behind the Picture
  • World Links to Disney – Movies, Walt Disney World and Activities
  • Additional Resources – Book Recommendations, Research Suggestions and Supply Buying Ideas

This World Study Guide is an 85 page ebook, suggested ages 5-15.

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