Fun Family Activities for Swiss Family Robinson

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Fun Family Activities for The Swiss Family Robinson

If your children love a good adventure tale you might want to introduce them to one of our favorite classic stories – Swiss Family Robinson.  When we read the story we incorporated some interesting and easy projects to our studies.

Here are some fun family activities for Swiss Family Robinson to get you started:

Beeswax Candles

This was a craft we did during one of our book club meetings and our children found this project to be easy and interesting.

We purchased a Make Your Own Candle Kit – 100% Beeswax  from a supplier on Amazon and it included wax sheets in a variety of colors along with cotton wicks and instructions for making basic candles. The process is not complicated and the kids were able to complete it independently.

How to make beeswax candles:

  • Cut the beeswax sheets to make different size candles
  • Place the wax sheet on a flat surface
  • Bend up the nearest edge.  If the wax is hard to bend just heat it with a hairdryer
  • Place the wick along the turned up edge (one end of the wick against the side of the wax sheet, the other hanging out further as this is the end you will be able to burn)
  • Bend the edge all the way around the wick and begin to evenly roll the sheet away from you (making sure you keep the edges even as you roll)

Beeswax is not only easy to work with but it also burns clean and produces very little smoke.

Our children made their candles before Mothers Day so they each made two candles, tied them together with a piece of raffia and attached a note to say Happy Mother’s Day to create a very special gift.

Fun Family Activities for Swiss Family Robinson

Plant a Garden

In the book the family found many interesting food bearing plants to grow. You can easily help your children plant a small garden in a corner of your yard or even a flower pot.

We’ve even tried to create an interesting garden around one of your our favorite foods – Salsa! We planted a tomato plant and a cilantro plant. Since we live in Florida we also grew a small lime tree, but if you don’t live where it’s that warm you can easily find a lime at the grocery store. Here is a quick and easy recipe Fresh Tomato Salsa that the whole family will enjoy.

By planting basil instead of cilantro you could have the beginning of a pizza garden.

Swiss Family RobinsonFor even more ideas be sure to check out our World Study Guide for Swiss Family Robinson!

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