Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

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With meticulous planning and tight schedules Phileas Fogg and his traveling companions completed a trip Around the World in 80 Days.  The next time you visit Epcot at Walt Disney World we encourage you to travel around the World Showcase in 1 day as you learn about many of the beautiful places Fogg visited on his journey.

Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

United Kingdom Pavilion—Fogg’s journey began and ended in London.

The cobble-stone streets of this pavilion are lined with buildings representing different historical periods and styles including a country cottage, Scottish estate and a Tudor style tavern. The gardens provide a beautiful place to stop and rest for a few moments, or a fun place for children to play. The Tea Caddy shop and the Toy Soldier shop are among our favorite places to explore.  Throughout each day there are street-performing entertainers to help you enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

China Pavilion —See the sites of Hong Kong in the Reflections of China film.

The centerpiece of this amazing pavilion is the Temple of Heaven which houses the film “Reflections of China” presented in Circle-Vision 360 and “Tomb Warriors – Guardian Spirits of Ancient China” (a replica of the famous excavation of the tomb of China’s Emperor Quin Shi Huang).  The China Pavilion also offers peaceful gardens and reflecting ponds and the Yong Feng Shangdian department store.   As you stroll around this amazing area don’t forget to look up and find the dragons decorating the buildings!

Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

Japan Pavilion — Fogg set off from Yokohama, Japan across the Pacific Ocean  headed toward the United States.

The 10,000 square foot Mitsukoshi department store is a must see destination in the Japan pavilion.  The beautiful architecture in this pavilion includes a temple, five-story pagoda and the torii gate.  Our favorite entertainment includes the Taiko drummers and Miyuki, the candy artist.

Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

American Adventure Pavilion—Enjoy the sites and sounds of our great country from “sea to shining sea”.

The centerpiece of this pavilion is a Colonial-style structure that houses the “The American Adventure” a show about this history of the United States using film, music and Audio-Animatronics; the Voices of Liberty an a cappella group performing classic American songs; and paintings and artifact celebrating our American Heritage.  And outside, don’t miss a performance by the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corp.

Travel Around the World (Showcase) in 1 Day

We wish you safe and happy travels around the “World”!

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