As parents and educators we understand that our children learn best when they have opportunities to experience the world around them.

We often use great books as a springboard for learning.  As we read classic stories we add hands-on projects, field trips, and activities with friends to bring our learning to life.



Our amazing journey began in 2009 when our families’ homeschool journeys crossed paths. We met when we were both new to the Central Florida area — trying to find friends and interesting opportunities to support our families’ learning efforts.

As most homeschool moms do, we started talking about our curriculum choices, educational styles, and the many amazing field trips we were planning and enjoying as a way to help our children bring their learning to life. Because of where we live, and the fact that we are both huge Disney fans, we couldn’t help but to take a little inspiration from one of our favorite places — Walt Disney World.

We are both planners, therefore we always do our homework to prepare for our adventures. We look for resources, include activities that will help our children use all of their senses and learning styles, and we create meaningful tools to capture our memories. Over time we have created lesson plans, lapbooks, co-ops and more to help support our families’ learning.

Our dream is to share our experiences and passions for learning with other families so they can bring a little magic to their days as they laugh, play and grow together.

We hope you enjoy sharing our World for Learning!

Susan & Kat