How to Set up Above Ground Pool on Unlevel Ground

An above-ground swimming pool is cheaper and easier to install compared to an in-ground model. You don’t need to waste your time digging a hole, shaping that hole, creating framing and foundation, installing the fixtures, drains, and other necessities. 

You skip all that since an above ground pool only requires you to level and smooth the surface, with the option of placing the base material and then setting the pool later. Although it is easier to install an above ground pool, many people forget to level the ground. 

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How to Set up Above Ground Pool on Unlevel Ground

The problem of Uneven Pool

An uneven surface can cause a lot of problems. They include the following:

  1. Uneven Water Level 

A few inches of the unleveled pool might not be a big problem, but the deeper end of your facility can become even deeper. Such a pool can be dangerous to the user, especially if your kids use it.

Your kids can easily drown in the deeper section – also, the adults might drown. Another problem is that the pool skimmer won’t keep the water clean since it will not cover all the locations. 

  1. Affect Pool Walls

It is a fact that an uneven surface will make the water to settle on one side of your swimming pool. Due to that, the section that bears more weight might bend in the future or even twist and collapse. 

That can destroy your pool and even cause injuries to swimmers and people near the facility.

  1. Damaged Pool Liners

 A liner that is set on an uneven surface can have wrinkles or folds that can get a snag or catch on your pool’s apparatus. That can easily make the liner to tear, leading to leaks and can make your pool impossible to use. 

Above Ground Pool Leveling Problems 

Assembling or setting your above ground pool without seeking professional help is hard. Some problems can occur when you DIY such as:

  • Uneven ground 
  • Leaks 
  • Loose connections and fittings 
  • Verticals that are out of shape or bent
  • Wrinkled pool liners 

Having an unleveled surface for your pool is the clearest sign that your facility is improperly installed. Less than an inch of unevenness is acceptable, but anything beyond that can lead to the leveling problem.

Such a pool won’t last for long, and you would need to bring it down and get it reinstalled by a professional. Leveling the surface first before assembling the pool is important. 

It won’t matter whether you have a circular, rectangular, oval, or even any kind of pool – all of them need to rest on a leveled surface.

Leveling the surface when your above ground pool is already installed is still possible, but it can be time-consuming and challenging.  There are a lot of materials that you can place under your pool, such as sand, concrete pad or slab, solid foam, crushed stone, on the sand, and many more.

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Final Words

You would need to level the uneven surface first before you set up your above ground pool on an uneven surface. Also, you can choose to hire a professional to do it for you.

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