Pool Finishes: Is Pebble Tech a Good Surface?

Is Pebble tech a good surface? Pebble technology surfaces are one of the best finishes you can choose for your swimming pool. 

They are the surfaces to consider if you want a low maintenance oasis at your backyard. 

What Are Pebble Finishes?

They are a mixture of polished stone pebbles and hydraulic cement. They are applied after the concrete surface has settled in the pool. 

These finishes are applied pneumatically, then water-blasted or hand-wiped to expose the top coating of the surface. 

Pebble Tec and Plaster?

Pebble finishes are costlier than plaster or vinyl pool liner ones, but they last longer.

You could invest the best robotic pool cleaners or any suction pool cleaner ones for the best efficiency with your plaster or vinyl pool liner.

Anda durable Pebble surface, which are nonporous, meaning they don’t absorb pool chemicals and prevent algae development and staining. 

Pebble Tech Texture and Color Choices

Is Pebble Tech a Good Surface?

Their colors can vary from the darkest black to the lightest white and anything in between. It can be a tall order for you to select the right hue, but you should always match your backyard décor. 

Some colors are modern and cool, or summery and bright, but we would recommend you let your designer choose for you. It is also vital to remember that texture plays a key role when selecting the ideal surface.  

However, smaller pebbles are better because they don’t hurt or scrap your feet, plus they are no-slip. 

Low Maintenance 

In the future, a pebble surface can save you money, time, and effort since it is non-porous, anti-slip, and stain-resistant. Hence, you don’t need to scrub it regularly. 

Pebble Technology Problems 

There are a few pebble tec problems that you should know about:

  • Calcium build-up – It can occur if you don’t maintain the right chemical balance. Check your pool at least once per week.  
  • Cost – A pebble tec surface costs twice as much as a plaster finish.

The Verdict  

Pebble tech is a good surface that is more textured than a plaster one and is small and smooth. It is also easy to maintain.

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